Ewolucja kryteriów podziału gramatycznego leksemów (relatory a spójniki)

Maciej Grochowski
2020 LingVaria  
The Evolution of Criteria for a Grammatical Classification of Lexemes (Relative Pronouns vs Conjunctions) The paper discusses the evolution of the part-of-speech classification of Polish lexemes, and presents the changes in the criteria used to distinguish relative pronouns and conjunctions. The characterization has been based on important works in the field of theoretical Polish grammar, including textbooks, from the beginning of the 20th to the beginning of the 21st century. The author
more » ... . The author distinguishes two breakthroughs in the history of grammar, the first caused by the influence on research into grammar of the connotation theory, and the other by the influence of the metatext theory.
doi:10.12797/lv.15.2020.30.05 fatcat:xvoxm7v4nzcbdmup4tfqqqi52a