A Newly Recorded Sea Star (Asteroidea: Valvatida) from Jejudo Island, Korea

Sook Shin
2010 Animal Systematics, Evolution and Diversity  
Some asteroid specimens were collected from the subtidal zone near Gapado, Jejudo Island with fishing net on June 2010. Among them, Anseropoda petaloides (Goto, 1914) which belongs to the family Asterinidae of the order Valvatida turned out to be a new record from Korea. Morphological characters of this species collected at 130 m deep are redescribed with photographs. This species is characterized by its very thin body composed of plates imbricated into each other like scales. Twenty four asteroids are currently known from Jejudo Island, Korea.
doi:10.5635/kjsz.2010.26.3.349 fatcat:kg4w7sah5bfnfl7aiirwklopda