Testing Physical and Mathematical Criteria in a New Meandering Autocorrelation Function [chapter]

Charles R.P. Szinvelski, Lidiane Buligon, Michel Baptistella Stefanello, Silvana Maldaner, Debora R. Roberti, Gervásio Annes Degrazia
2017 Turbulence Modelling Approaches - Current State, Development Prospects, Applications  
An alternative formulation for the low wind speed-meandering autocorrelation function is presented. Employing distinct theoretical criteria, this mathematical formulation, from a physical point of view, is validated. This expression for the meandering autocorrelation function reproduces well-observed wind-meandering data measured in a micrometeorological site located in a pampa ecosystem area (South Brazil). The comparison shows that the alternative relation for the meandering autocorrelation
more » ... nction is suitable to provide meandering characteristic parameters. Employing MacLaurin's series expansion of a lateral dispersion parameter that represents cases in which turbulence and oscillatory movements associated to the meandering events coexist, a new formulation for the turbulence/meandering dissipation rate has been presented.
doi:10.5772/67920 fatcat:qhsaqtlicjbpvmb4p2wld5noly