Church in Society: The Pentecostal Church in Action

Dr. Kelebogile Thomas Resane (PhD)
2019 Pharos Journal of Theology  
This article focuses on the role of the Pentecostal church in society and as the love of Christ in action. The focus is on three dimensions that the church should gear itself to. These are kerygma (proclamation), diakonia (acts of service), and koinonia (fellowship). Each of these dimensions will be briefly explored to reveal what it means to be in the Pentecostal church in society. For instance, proclamation covers issues such as relevance and effectiveness of preaching. Acts of service cover
more » ... s of service cover issues such as the divine healing, institutions of learning, deliverance from demonic possessions, education and social upliftment through the local churches. Fellowship covers the partnership, cooperation, and the "one another" principle. The Pentecostal church in society is encouraged to desist from the private and romantic spirituality of disengagement from societal ills and a decadent culture. The article concludes with a focus on how to reflect these dimensions so that as the church in society, the love of Christ is seen in operation. Some of the practical examples to be highlighted include partnerships in areas of relief and aid for education bursaries, community projects for the marginalised poor, remedial education, and capacity building for church leaders – all these need to be attempted through the church in the community.
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