Chemico-thermal synthesis of nano-structured cobalt with distinct magnetic property

H Sabarou, A Ataie
The synthesis of nanostructures cobalt through a controlled chemical process followed by heat treating at various temperatures is studied. The product is characterized by ICP, XRD, FESEM, and TEM, indicating that the as-synthesized particles have an amorphous structure with 1.76 for Co/B ratio, an average size of 50 nm. The transformation of intermediate phases into single phase nano-crystalline metallic cobalt during the heat treatment is investigated by DSC analysis. The mean crystallite size
more » ... of obtained cobalt was 30 nm. The decrease in coercivity (4344.93A/mf) with the sharp increase in saturation magnetization (1.41×10-4 Am2/kg) presents excellent ferromagnetic properties for nano-crystallite cobalt. 2012 JNS All rights reserved