Solving Systems of Difference Constraints Incrementally with Bidirectional Search

Jianjun Zhou, Martin Müller
2004 Algorithmica  
We propose an incremental algorithm for the problem of maintaining systems of difference constraints. As a difference from the unidirectional approach of Ramalingam et al. [16] , it employs bidirectional search, which is similar to that of Alpern et al. [1] , and has a bounded runtime complexity in the worst case in terms of the size of changes. The major challenge is how to update the solution efficiently after the bidirectional search discovers a region that needs changes. Experimental
more » ... show that our approach is much faster in runtime and generates much smaller changes than the algorithm in [16] . We also perform an experimental study on the edge value heuristic [1] and results show that a simpler method may be faster in practice.
doi:10.1007/s00453-004-1081-6 fatcat:7mb7rpwr4vdffljzsorctbeory