A Study on Application of SBR Process for RO Retentate Treatment
RO 농축수 처리를 위한 SBR 공정 적용에 관한 연구

Il-Whee Kim, Hyun-Jong Joo
2012 Journal of Korean Society of Environmental Engineers  
In this study, Application of sequencing batch reactor (SBR) process for RO retentate treatment was performed. Efficiency of treatment by load and temperature variation was tested. The SBR process was operated two types as HRT per one cycle was 8 and 12 hours, respectively. Methanol was injected for an effective denitrificaion owing to low C/N ratio of the RO retentate. TN removal efficiency of the SBR process was relatively stable at the change of flow-rate and temperature. The optimum time
more » ... le of SBR process was 2 cycle/day for TN removal, and in the case of 3 cycle/day, the effluent TN concentration was found under the effluent quality standard. In the result of assessment, the application of SBR process for RO retentate treatment was effective and could be utilized to design for the wastewater treatment plant. The specific nitrification rate (SNR) and specific denitrification rate (SDNR) were 0.043~0.066 kg NH3-N/kg MLVSS・day and 0.096-0.287 kg NO3 --N/kg MLVSS・day, respectively. The derived kinetic could be applied for design to the aerobic and anoxic tank in the RO retentate treatment.
doi:10.4491/ksee.2012.34.2.079 fatcat:kbk5bs4p5ncuro6unqr6nkxc5y