"The American Pump"

1860 Scientific American  
The invention illustrated by the accompanying ligures consists of a novel appliance to be attached to an ordi nary fire-grate for the purpose of holding sad-irons while heating those impressing agents which alford mankind the enjoyment of unwrinkled linen. A rack is constructed of hollow metal tubes of suitable strength and capacity, which are arranged in such a manner as to be hung to the top bar of an ordinary grate. Hot air is conducted through them from the fire, and heat is thus given out
more » ... o thc irons on the rack indepen dently of the direct heat which they receive from the fire. A guard-plate is also provided for the rack to pro tect the irons from being burned or smoked. The metal tubes, A, forming the heating rack, are joined by metal slats, B, as shown in Fig. 1 , which is supposed to be hung on the fire-grate, with two irons in it. C C and
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican07211860-64a fatcat:fchgrqr2wzaexj373ibfsxgniu