Slavyanskiye ustoychivyye sravneniyas komponentom – nazvaniyemkhlebobulochnogo izdeliya

Irina Kuznetzova, I. Yakovlev Chuvash State Pedagogical University, Cheboksary (Russia)
2021 Językoznawstwo  
Slavic similes with the component bread and rolls and buns. The article considers certain lexical-thematic groups of Slavic similes which contain the names of bakery products. The analysis is conducted from the standpoint of structural and semantic modelling to identify the universality or national specificity of the comparison image. In some instances, non-Slavic material is also considered. Keywords: Slavic languages, phraseology, similes, semantic and structural modelling, semantics, motivation, bread, rolls and buns.
doi:10.25312/2391-5137.15/2021_13ik fatcat:7oaqlyukanbzpku4tgawp7yzii