Atmospheric production of energetic protons, electrons and positrons observed in near Earth orbit

P Zuccon
2003 Astroparticle physics  
Substantial fluxes of protons and leptons with energies below the geomagnetic cutoff have been measured by the AMS experiment at altitudes of 350-390 km, in the latitude interval ±51.7°. The production mechanisms of the observed trapped fluxes are investigated in detail by means of the FLUKA Monte Carlo simulation code. All known processes involved in the interaction of the cosmic rays with the atmosphere (detailed descriptions of the magnetic field and the atmospheric density, as well as the
more » ... ectromagnetic and nuclear interaction processes) are included in the simulation. The results are presented and compared with experimental data, indicating good agreement with the observed fluxes. The impact of the secondary proton flux on particle production in atmosphere is briefly discussed.
doi:10.1016/s0927-6505(03)00160-9 fatcat:djn6f5wvrfgg5nox3w4schu724