The (B0+?)+O6 system FN CMa: a case for tidal-pulsational interaction?

Thomas Rivinius, Otmar Stahl, Stanislas Štefl, Dietrich Baade, Richard H.D. Townsend, Luis Barrera
2010 Proceedings of the International Astronomical Union  
AbstractFN CMa is visually double with a separation of ~0.6 arcsec. Sixty high-cadence VLT/UVES spectra permit the A and B components to be disentangled, as the relative contribution of each star to the total light entering the spectrograph fluctuates between exposures due to changes in seeing. Component A exhibits rapid line-profile variations, leading us to attribute the photometric variability seen by HIPPARCOS (with a derived P = 0.08866 d) to this component. From a total of 122 archival
more » ... of 122 archival and new echelle spectra it is shown that component A is an SB1 binary with an orbital period of 117.55 days. The eccentricity of 0.6 may result in tidal modulation of the pulsation(s) of component Aa.
doi:10.1017/s1743921311011380 fatcat:vlqlhjkmr5gevb7b2s6lndloga