Embodied contextual agent in information delivering application

Catherine Pelachaud, Valeria Carofiglio, Berardina De Carolis, Fiorella de Rosis, Isabella Poggi
2002 Proceedings of the first international joint conference on Autonomous agents and multiagent systems part 2 - AAMAS '02  
We aim at building a new human-computer interface for Information Delivering applications: the conversational agent that we have developed is a multimodal believable agent able to converse with the User by exhibiting a synchronized and coherent verbal and nonverbal behavior. The agent is provided with a personality and a social role, that allows her to show her emotion or to refrain from showing it, depending on the context in which the conversation takes place. The agent is provided with a
more » ... and a mind. The mind is designed according to a BDI structure that depends on the agent's personality; it evolves dynamically with the conversation, according to the User's dialog moves and to emotions triggered due to some events; such cognitive features are then translated into facial behaviors. In this paper, we present the overall architecture of our system and its various components; in particular we present our dynamic model of emotions. We illustrate our results with an example of dialog all along the paper. We pay particular attention to the generation of verbal and nonverbal behaviors and to the way they are synchronized with each others and are combined with each others. We also discuss how these acts are translated into facial expressions. Keywords interface and conversational agents, believable agent architectures, cognitive models and models of mind, human-like and believable qualities, personality and emotion in agents 1 IST project IST-1999-29078, partners:
doi:10.1145/544862.544921 dblp:conf/atal/PelachaudCCRP02 fatcat:2da37yb6wjesbatulmmep7h57i