PArtecipazione e COnflitto Work licensed under a Creative Commons At-tribution-Non commercial-Share alike 3.0 Italian License ADAPTATION OR TRANSFORMATION? Interpreting Participation in Times of Austerity in an Old Red Re-gion

Paco, Issn
2017 unpublished
This article investigates how political, social and associative participation is changing in the last years in an old Italian "red" region (Emilia-Romagna) with respect the previous decades. The analysis of the new model of participation that is increasingly consolidating in the selected case shows that a process of adaptation, rather than transformation, is taking place. In fact, the actual economic crisis is only accentuating the establishment of this new model, which continues to a large
more » ... nt to be conditioned by the civic-mindedness historically present in this region, and which has been subject of several studies in the past by Italian and American scholars .