Perbandingan penghitungan jarak pada k-nearest neighbour dalam klasifikasi data tekstual

Wahyono Wahyono, I Nyoman Prayana Trisna, Sarah Lintang Sariwening, Muhammad Fajar, Danur Wijayanto
2020 Jurnal Teknologi dan Sistem Komputer  
One algorithm to classify textual data in automatic organizing of documents application is KNN, by changing word representations into vectors. The distance calculation in the KNN algorithm becomes essential in measuring the closeness between data elements. This study compares four distance calculations commonly used in KNN, namely Euclidean, Chebyshev, Manhattan, and Minkowski. The dataset used data from Youtube Eminem's comments which contain 448 data. This study showed that Euclidian or
more » ... Euclidian or Minkowski on the KNN algorithm achieved the best result compared to Chebycev and Manhattan. The best results on KNN are obtained when the K value is 3.
doi:10.14710/jtsiskom.8.1.2020.54-58 fatcat:j4x2gkidfjcoxm545ycg4x27xe