Natural leptogenesis and neutrino masses with two Higgs doublets

Jackson D. Clarke, Robert Foot, Raymond R. Volkas
2015 Physical Review D  
The minimal Type I see-saw model cannot explain the observed neutrino masses and the baryon asymmetry of the Universe via hierarchical thermal leptogenesis without ceding naturalness. We show that this conclusion can be avoided by adding a second Higgs doublet with tanβ≳ 4. The models considered naturally accommodate a SM-like Higgs boson, and predict TeV-scale scalar states and low- to intermediate-scale hierarchical leptogenesis with 10^3 GeV≲ M_N_1≲ 10^8 GeV.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.92.033006 fatcat:7zw2akmlmzh7rnzlnccqahqd34