Human Factors Issues in the Development of an Advanced Digital Moving Map System

John W. Ruffner, Maura C. Lohrenz, Michael E. Trenchard
1999 Proceedings of the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society Annual Meeting  
The U.S. Navy is currently sponsoring a Tactical Aircraft Moving Map Capability (TAMMAC) program that will provide the standard cockpit digital moving map system for Naval Aviation. The TAMMAC system will be used by a variety of Navy aircraft with differing operational needs and resources and can be tailored to meet aircraft-specific operational requirements. A major design goal of the TAMMAC program is to increase mission effectiveness and situation awareness without further burdening pilot
more » ... kload. Human factors engineering (HFE) specialists from the government and industry have played an important role in the execution of the TAMMAC program throughout all phases. This paper provides examples of the contributions HFE specialists have made to the program, discusses baseline and planned growth capabilities of the TAMMAC digital map computer, discusses human factors issues regarding these capabilities, and identifies future research needs.
doi:10.1177/154193129904300107 fatcat:mfvckrzclbau3jcza2hpwzw6ne