Nutritional study of the Islanders on Tristan da Cunha, 1966

Chambers A. Margaret, H. E. Lewiss
1969 British Journal of Nutrition  
I . Individual energy intakes and expenditures of seven Tristan men aged between 16 and 57 years, and ten Tristan women aged between 15 and 61 years, were measured daily for 7 consecutive days between May and October 1966. 2. Details of the subjects' main activities together with the energy cost of these activities are given. 3. The mean daily calorie intakes were 2650 kcal for men and 1830 kcal for women; the mean expenditures were 2860 and 2060 kcal per day respectively. Separate values are
more » ... ven for two individuals, a brother and sister, who gave results bearing no resemblance to those of the rest of the subjects. 4. Protein, fat, carbohydrate and alcohol accounted for 12'7,29.6,53*7 and 40 yo respectively of the men's total calorie intake and I 1.9, 27.2, 61.0 yo and o yo of the women's total calorie intake. The fat content of the diet was low when compared with that of the Islanders' diet while in England, though total calorie intake was greater (Taylor, Hollingsworth & Chambers, 1966) . More than half the total calorie intake was provided by processed foodstuffs, but island produce provided a large proportion of the protein in the diet. It is deduced that mean energy requirements of about 2750 kcal per day for men and 1950 kcal per day for women are adequate for the Tristan population and that there are sufficient food supplies available to meet this requirement.
doi:10.1079/bjn19690031 pmid:5787654 fatcat:tw3yjld7pbdbti7v6ftmrrrj54