Law genesis: problems of methodology

Gennadij I. Muromtsev
2021 RUDN Journal of Law  
The subject is related to the insufficient investigation of a general theoretical conception of the law genesis. The conception prevailing in Russian legal literature and proceeding from the inseparable connection between state and law genesis is weak in some aspects As a theoretical basis of this investigation the author uses the concept that regards a law genesis in the context of a world evolution. With this approach, the social factors of the emergence of law are preceded by natural factors
more » ... of the same dimension, and the thesis about the emergence of law simultaneously with human society becomes the starting point in the study. As a result, the subject of the research acquires an interdisciplinary approach and includes the issues of nonlegal scientific disciplines, not only humanitarian (anthropology, ethnology, etc.), but also natural sciences (psychology, genetics of a behavior, etc.). The conclusion that the patterns of behavior development and the mechanisms of its regulation are formed at the natural stage of world evolution is of paramount importance. They arise in the form of reflexes and are then perceived by the merged norms of the custom-mononorm. The latter become a kind of connecting link in the transition from the natural mechanism of regulation of behavior to the social and from the preclass to the early class society regulation mechanism. Law genesis is considered in the article as a contradictory, multiaspect and multistage process with a natural and social content. Sociocultural differences between the countries of the West and the East led to the dissimilarity of the process of law genesis in both. In the first of them, with the victory of capitalism, law overcomes the phenomenon of fusion and appears in a pure form, while in the second, even today there are traditional relations and understanding of law, adequate to the preclass and early class era.
doi:10.22363/2313-2337-2021-25-2-359-375 fatcat:5qjfc6gozze2tjsqsg7ni4py3m