Automated Surface Profiling of Drywall Surface for Sanding

Dony Cherian Alex, Saeed Behzadipour, Mohamed Al-Hussein
2011 28th International Symposium on Automation and Robotics in Construction (ISARC 2011)   unpublished
The growing interest in the industrialization of construction process; promotes opportunities for automation. Automation brings improvement in quality and productivity, while reducing worker's exposure to hazardous work environments. The integration of robotics in interior finishing works, such as sanding and painting of drywalls is a relatively new concept. Progressing to a stage where fully autonomous robots are used for interior finishing works requires intermediate steps; namely surface
more » ... iling. This paper describes a theoretical concept of shadow profilometery to profile the surface of an installed drywall. A shadow was cast over the area under consideration, and the shadow profile was captured as a 2D image by a camera. Digital image processing techniques were utilized for identifying regions that deviate from a flat surface. The methodology discussed in this paper, was tested on a virtual system, and the results were found to be encouraging.
doi:10.22260/isarc2011/0089 fatcat:atysou5zyrhsrhvcgfi3atisou