Tight-binding methods for general longitudinally driven photonic lattices: Edge states and solitons

Mark J. Ablowitz, Justin T. Cole
2017 Physical Review A  
A systematic approach for deriving tight-binding approximations in general longitudinally driven lattices is presented. As prototypes, honeycomb and staggered square lattices are considered. Time-reversal symmetry is broken by varying/rotating the waveguides, longitudinally, along the direction of propagation. Different sublattice rotation and structure are allowed. Linear Floquet bands are constructed for intricate sublattice rotation patterns such as counter rotation, phase offset rotation,
more » ... well as different lattice sizes and frequencies. An asymptotic analysis of the edge modes, valid in a rapid-spiraling regime, reveals linear and nonlinear envelopes which are governed by linear and nonlinear Schrodinger equations, respectively. Nonlinear states, referred to as topologically protected edge solitons are unidirectional edge modes. Direct numerical simulations for both the linear and nonlinear edge states agree with the asymptotic theory. Topologically protected modes are found; they possess unidirectionality and do not scatter at lattice defect boundaries.
doi:10.1103/physreva.96.043868 fatcat:7xgwf6aqpjb7te6sj6q3msser4