Effect of Microstructure (and Heat Treatment) on the 649�C Properties of Advanced P/M Superalloy Disk Materials

J.J. Schirra, P.L. Reynolds, E.S. Huron, K.R. Bain, D.P. Mourer
2004 Superalloys 2004 (Tenth International Symposium)   unpublished
A statistically based approach was completed to assess the effect of microstructural (and associated heat treatment processing parameters) on the 649 o C capability of two advanced powder metallurgy (P/M) superalloys. The results showed that microstructure and processing play a key role in achieving a balance of mechanical properties. For a desired combination of good high temperature capability the results indicate that a supersolvus heat treatment followed by a fast cooling rate is desired.
more » ... addition, selection of a stabilization heat treat cycle would depend upon the balance of creep and crack growth capability desired. The process described above would nominally produce an ASTM 6 grain size with reasonably fine cooling ' and aging ' as defined by the stabilization cycle.
doi:10.7449/2004/superalloys_2004_341_350 fatcat:6rcrpuc325fitnavkzutrjw4me