Car Gate

1884 Scientific American  
Tbe object of tbe in vention berewitb illustrated is to pro vide a device for bolding t. he reins in sucb a manner tbat tbe borse cannot tbrow its tail over tbem. Eacb end of a U·sbaped bar is provided witb a leg, the lower ends of wbicb are beld on a plate fastened on a cross strap uniting tbe two hip straps. A brace rod extends from tbe middle of tbe bar to the back Rtrap, and is of sucb lengtb tbat the legs will be inclined upward and outward, as shown in tbe cut. On tbe bar is secured a rod wbicb is parallel witb the dasbboard,
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican10111884-226d fatcat:2kkzhwhokjb2fb6ymavxx233e4