On causality, unitarity and perturbative expansions

I.V. Danilkin, A.M. Gasparyan, M.F.M. Lutz
2011 Physics Letters B  
We present a pedagogical case study how to combine micro-causality and unitarity based on a perturbative approach. The method we advocate constructs an analytic extrapolation of partial-wave scattering amplitudes that is constrained by the unitarity condition. Suitably constructed conformal mappings help to arrive at a systematic approximation of the scattering amplitude. The technique is illustrated at hand of a Yukawa interaction. The typical case of a superposition of strong short-range and weak long-range forces is investigated.
doi:10.1016/j.physletb.2011.01.036 fatcat:ulkp4t72svg6tdfhcxxwmov5ru