Entanglement and measurement-induced nonlocality of mixed maximally entangled states in multipartite dynamics

Li-Die Wang, Li-Tao Wang, Mou Yang, Jing-Zhou Xu, Z. D. Wang, Yan-Kui Bai
2016 Physical Review A  
The maximally entangled state can be in a mixed state as well as the well-known pure state. Taking the negativity as a measure of entanglement, we study the entanglement dynamics of bipartite, mixed maximally entangled states (MMESs) in multipartite cavity-reservoir systems. It is found that the MMES can exhibit the phenomenon of entanglement sudden death, which is quite different from the asymptotic decay of the pure-Bell-state case. We also find that maximal entanglement cannot guarantee
more » ... al nonlocality and the MMES does not correspond to the state with maximal measurement-induced nonlocality (MIN). In fact, the value and dynamic behavior of the MIN for the MMESs are dependent on the mixed state probability. In addition, we investigate the distributions of negativity and the MIN in a multipartite system, where the two types of correlations have different monogamous properties.
doi:10.1103/physreva.93.062309 fatcat:4ytqznvotbejxkfes5v5twkxoy