Affine Cartesian codes with complementary duals [article]

Hiram H. López, Felice Manganiello, Gretchen L. Matthews
2018 arXiv   pre-print
A linear code C with the property that C ∩ C^ = {0 } is said to be a linear complementary dual, or LCD, code. In this paper, we consider generalized affine Cartesian codes which are LCD. Generalized affine Cartesian codes arise naturally as the duals of affine Cartesian codes in the same way that generalized Reed-Solomon codes arise as duals of Reed-Solomon codes. Generalized affine Cartesian codes are evaluation codes constructed by evaluating multivariate polynomials of bounded degree at
more » ... s in m-dimensional Cartesian set over a finite field K and scaling the coordinates. The LCD property depends on the scalars used. Because Reed-Solomon codes are a special case, we obtain a characterization of those generalized Reed-Solomon codes which are LCD along with the more general result for generalized affine Cartesian codes.
arXiv:1805.07018v2 fatcat:df6v7g2wknejfngzhb6wuluzae