The behavioral ecology of a cognitive constraint: limited attention

C. W. Clark
2003 Behavioral Ecology  
Limited attention may constrain animal behavior in situations in which the rate of relevant information exceeds the threshold processing capacity of the brain. In the present study, we examine why attention is limited by quantifying how attention affects the ubiquitous problem of balancing foraging and antipredator activity. We analyze how a given attentional capacity affects feeding requirements, the optimal attentional focus during predator scanning, and the probability of detecting
more » ... Our model indicates that because of the complex interplay between the costs and benefits associated with a given attentional capacity, limited attention can be an optimal strategy, which allows effective and economical search for cryptic objects.
doi:10.1093/beheco/14.2.151 fatcat:55yb7qayhveytfozs5kagqxx5e