Polarization in top quark pair production near threshold

R Harlander, M Jeżabek, J.H Kühn, T Teubner
1995 Physics Letters B  
The polarization dependent momentum distributions of top quarks and their decay products are calculated for tt̅ production at future e^+e^- colliders with polarized beams. The Green function formalism is applied to this reaction near energy threshold. The Lippmann--Schwinger equations for the S-wave and P-wave Green functions are solved numerically for the QCD chromostatic potential given by the two-loop formula at large momentum transfers and Richardson ansatz at intermediate and small ones.
more » ... is demonstrated that for the longitudinally polarized electron beam an optimally polarized sample of top quarks can be produced.
doi:10.1016/0370-2693(94)01668-3 fatcat:p66umrew25f43ibmnodilalylq