Evolution of morphology and microstructure of GaAs/GaSb nanowire heterostructures [dataset]

Suixing Shi, Zhi Zhang, Zhenyu Lu, Haibo Shu, Pingping Chen, Ning Li, Jin Zou, Wei Lu
2016 nano Online   unpublished
In this paper, we successfully grow GaAs/GaSb core-shell heterostructure nanowires (NWs) by molecular beam epitaxy (MBE). The as-grown GaSb shell layer forms a wurtzite structure instead of the zinc blende structure that has been commonly reported. Meanwhile, a bulgy GaSb nanoplate also appears on top of GaAs/GaSb core-shell NWs and possesses a pure zinc blende phase. The growth mode for core-shell morphology and underlying mechanism for crystal phase selection of GaAs/GaSb nanowire
more » ... anowire heterostructures are discussed in detail.
doi:10.1515/nano.11671_2015.163 fatcat:gyw3qqpw7rcbfb7bplti3igvrq