A Gas-Phase Near-Isotropic Turbulence and its Wavelet Analysis for Studying Fine-Scale Intermittency [chapter]

T. S. Yang, S. S. Shy
2004 Fluid Mechanichs and its Application  
The correlations between spatial and temporal behaviours of both fine-scale intermittency and the scaling of n th -order velocity structure function in a nearisotropic turbulence are studied experimentally, without adopting Taylor's hypothesis, using a high-speed digital particle image velocimetry together with the wavelet transform analysis. In the dissipation range, the spatial and the temporal intermittency of intense vorticity structures occur around 5 ~ 10 η and τ k , respectively, where η
more » ... spectively, where η and τ k are the Kolmogorov length and time scale of turbulence. In the inertial range the anomalous scalings of both spatial and temporal velocity structure functions are identical and values of scaling exponents are found to be within the range between the β-model and the She-Leveque model.
doi:10.1007/978-94-007-0997-3_43 fatcat:bkad4fge4zclna7rquq62gxsni