A Data Warehouse Design and Usage

A Kujur, Ajay Oraon
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
A Data Warehousing a subject oriented, integrated, time variant and nonvolatile data Collection organized in support of management decision making. Several factors distinguish data warehouse from operational database. The two system s provide quit different and require different kind of data, it is necessary to maintain data warehouse separately from operational database. A data warehouse contain backend tool and utilities. These cover data extraction data cleaning, data transformation ,
more » ... sformation , Loading, refreshing and warehouse management. The paper considers What goes into a data warehouse design. How are data warehouse used .How do data warehouse and OLAP relate to data mining. how confident organizations have used them to increase control over data and decision making. This reveals that organization that can develop a strong system, data warehousing is value the cost. A physical repository where relational data are specially organized to provide enterprise, cleansed data in a standardized format