Diffusion from solid cylinders [report]

C.W. Jr. Nestor
1980 unpublished
1 Analysis 3 Convergence Acceleration 11 Results 11 References 17 Appendix 1* I vll ACKNOKLEDGMENT The author Mould like to thank H. W. Godbee of the ORNL Chemical Technology Division for bringing this problen to his attention ano for providing the necessary financial support. Thanks also are due the secretarial staff of the CoMputlng Applications Department for their assistance In the preparation of this report. ABSTRACT The problem considered in this report is the diffusion of material from a
more » ... of material from a solid cylinder initially containing a uniform concentration and immersed in a well-stirred bath which maintains the external concen tration at zero. The Fourier-Bessel series form of the fraction of the original material removed from the cylinder as a function of time converges very slowly for small time. We have obtained an alternate form which converges reasonably rapidly for small time and have also used the convergence acceleration method of P. Hynn to provide an efficient method for computation. Numerical examples and program listings are included. ^ 1 1 1 1 FPLOT.FOR (29 JAN. 1979) REAL«8 DTOASGHO), XLOA(5), FL(20,5) REALM IP(20), IP(20) DATA DTOASQ /3-
doi:10.2172/5780257 fatcat:qftkvlkvgzctrbcyvxvo6t5pdq