Upper critical field for electrons in a two-dimensional lattice

Marcin Mierzejewski, Maciej M. Maśka
1999 Physical Review B (Condensed Matter)  
We address a problem of the upper critical field in a lattice described by a two-dimensional tight-binding model with the on-site pairing. We develop a finite-system-approach which enables investigation of magnetic and superconducting properties of electrons on clusters, consisting of a few thousand sites. We discuss how the quasiparticle density of states changes with the applied external magnetic field and present the temperature dependence of the upper critical field. We also briefly discuss
more » ... lso briefly discuss possible extension of the model to account for the properties of high-temperature superconductors.
doi:10.1103/physrevb.60.6300 fatcat:2jlyrso4nfd4bfmrinitp3w3hq