Online Teaching and Practical Implications of Teacher Professional Development

Jayathilakan. P. K
2021 Turkish Journal of Computer and Mathematics Education  
The teaching English website of the British Council identified six different levels of Teacher from "starters" to "experts" suggested that each requires a different kind of professional development. And "professional development" the key to meet today's educational demands. As we know language is a social and cultural activity, Teachers must remain abreast of the exciting and promising development in the teaching strategies. To live to the challenge of globalization which is in the line with
more » ... in the line with the era of information economy. A quality human capital comes from a quality education process. We live in an age of information explosion; teachers need to continuously update ones knowledge and skills. The field of curriculum in general and second language education in particular have witnessed tremendous changes over the years. A quality human capital comes from a quality education process. Hargreaves and Fullan (1992, P. IK), "the teacher is the ultimate key to educational change and school improvement". Teachers do not simply implement the curriculam. They define and refine the curriculam they interpret and transform the curricular in a way that makes learning more manageable for the Learners. The need for Teacher Professional Development is one's evaluation of one's own classroom performance and getting feedback and keep updating, the slow learners and learning disability. To increase knowledge of the teacher (a) referencing (b) research (c) optimum reading (d) awareness (e) elements. 'Regarding Pedagogy (a) Inquiry learning (b) creative and critical thinking (c) problem solving. Assessment, includes (a) CCA (b) assess of learning (c) assessment for learning (d) Feedback. A teacher should learn in the day to day environment. Planning lessons and courses managing the lesson and using inclusive practices. Goal oriented mentors/Teachers continuously develop their expertness to implement innovative way of teaching strategies, in case of online teaching. Pedagogical style, class-room processes, and syllabus are fluctuating meritoriously pertaining to the changing need of learning and teaching community. As implementing various dimensions of teaching English effectively. Teaching English online has become more convenient to improve LSRW. In the digital age valued teachers develop positive learning relationship with their students to establish and maintain an effective learning environment can be created through online method of handling English language teaching. Language teachers especially ,teachers handling English can use their own practice for developing their teaching in the ways of online mode. 3.2miIIion English language teachers in the world, aim to increase capability to improve language teaching with confidence and subject knowledge. ELT Teachers can bring in variety and enthusiasm among the students in language learning process and enhance the students English language skills successfully based online method. The physical class-room learning process may not be satisfied with the current generations of younger learners. So internet and distance learning which is also known as online method plays a vital role in the world education system and becomes the professional growth of teachers based on their Intellectual, Experimental and Attitudinal aspects.
doi:10.17762/turcomat.v12i3.1679 fatcat:krhye2io6fdjnlr46u4bznavj4