Sensitivity of neutrino-nucleus interaction measurements to 2p2h excitations

S. Dolan, U. Mosel, K. Gallmeister, L. Pickering, S. Bolognesi
2018 Physical Review C  
We calculate the charged-current cross sections obtained at the T2K off-axis near detector for ν_μ-induced events without pions and any number of protons in the final state using transport theory as encoded in the GiBUU model. In a comparison with recent T2K data the strength of the 2p2h multinucleon correlations is determined. Linking this to the isospin (T) of the initial nuclear state, it is found that T=0 leads to a significantly better fit of the recent cross sections obtained by T2K, thus
more » ... achieving consistency of the 2p2h multi-nucleon correlation contributions between electron-nucleus and neutrino-nucleus reactions.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.98.045502 fatcat:s77lg4s2szfinpcz5fykduyr6m