Postactivation Potentiation of Force Is Independent of H-Reflex Excitability

Matthew J. Hodgson, David Docherty, E. Paul Zehr
2008 International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance  
The contractile history of muscle can potentiate electrically evoked force production. A link to voluntary force production, related in part to an increase in reflex excitability, has been suggested. Purpose: Our purpose was to quantify the effect of postactivation potentiation on voluntary force production and spinal H-reflex excitability during explosive plantar flexion actions. Methods: Plantar flexor twitch torque, soleus H-reflex amplitudes, and the rate of force development of explosive
more » ... antar flexion were measured before and after 4 separate conditioning trials (3 × 5 s maximal contractions). Results: Twitch torque and rate of force production during voluntary explosive plantar flexion were significantly increased (P < .05) while H-reflex amplitudes remained unchanged. Although twitch torque was significantly higher after conditioning, leading to a small increase in the rate of voluntary force production, this was unrelated to changes in reflex excitability. Conclusion: We conclude that postactivation potentiation may result in a minor increase in the rate of voluntary isometric force production that is unrelated to neural excitability.
doi:10.1123/ijspp.3.2.219 fatcat:o34vfqmxffbr3oor3ahixyfexy