Étude et optimisation d'un convertisseur DC/DC à canaux multiples entrelacés

Yannick Louvrier
In a context in which economy and ecology follow historically opposed trajectories, renewable energies appear as an interesting compromise. However, the energy production from these emerging technologies is well below that of their ancestors, and their costs remain high. For this reason, the "Solar-Impulse" solar airplane project was initiated to show the virtues and the potential of renewable energies. This aircraft, the first of its kind in the world of aviation, is also an incredible vector
more » ... or information. In fact, designed to fly day and night and propelled exclusively by solar energy, this aeroplane displays the performance that renewable energy can achieve when combined with high efficient systems. The subject of this thesis focuses on the challenges of the Solar-Impulse, and that is why it presents a methodology for designing an interleaved DC/DC converter adapted to applications in which efficiency and weight are the essential criteria. Using given specifications, this methodology can determine the optimal topology and the components to be used in its creation. Within the context of the Solar-Impulse, the converter is used to control the flow of energy between the photovoltaic generator and the battery module that regulates voltage from the continuous bus. In this type of application, the most appropriate topology is a boost converter, as it steps up the voltage of the continuous bus in order to increase efficiency and reduce the weight of the overall system. Etude et optimisation multicritères d'un convertisseur DC/DC à canaux multiples entrelacés v
doi:10.5075/epfl-thesis-4718 fatcat:qm5unvgaizdgho7r73mg27bhmy