Gender and Spatial Educational Attainment Gaps in Turkey

Edward Nissan, Farhang Niroomand
2015 Asian Economic and Financial Review  
This paper aims to investigate differences and similarities between and among the seven regions as well as the developed and the less developed provinces in Turkey for their gender gaps in educational attainment of the labor force. The study uses analysis of variance techniques to test equality of means between the regions and the provinces for the census period 1970 to 2000. The purpose is to determine whether gender gaps narrowed or expanded. The statistical tests rejected equality of the
more » ... equality of the means for the six census periods for the seven regions and for the provinces. Multiple comparison procedures showed that changes in the means needed about a decade to materialize. This study contributes to the existing literature of gender gaps in education in developing countries. The paper substantiates the findings of other studies in that cultural and institutional differences do prevail in the treatment of women. In Turkey, for instance, the ratio of education of women to men is less than one, approaching one as the economy developed.
doi:10.18488/journal.aefr/2015.5.1/ fatcat:en4azxo5hbalrafi2vu2zcfubm