Commercial Product Analysis Using Hadoop MapReduce

Kshitij Jaju, Vishal Nehe, Abhishek Konduri, Sonali Potdar
International Research Journal of Engineering and Technology   unpublished
In this electronic age, increasing range of organizations face the matter of explosion of knowledge. The databases employed by the organizations these days has been growing exponentially. There are unit sizable amount of sources generating this monumental information like totally different varieties of social networking sites, transactions, social networking sites, business processes, internet servers, etc. the info generated is in structured additionally as unstructured kind. Today's business
more » ... . Today's business applications area unit having enterprise options like giant scale, data-intensive, web-oriented and accessed from numerous devices as well as mobile devices. Process or analyzing such giant volume data} and break up out meaningful information kind it's a difficult task. The term "Big information" is employed for big data sets whose size is on the far side the capability of our ancient code tools to amass, administer, and method the info among a tolerable time period. Massive information sizes area unit a steady dynamic target starting from some dozen terabytes to several peta bytes {of information of knowledge of information} in a very single data set. Difficulties introduced owing to this embody acquire, storage, search, analysis and visual image. The commercial companies are currently making numerous unsuccessful attempts to identify the customer and their needs. Which also makes the customer face difficulties to fulfill their desired demands. Our aim would be to provide great assistance for the companies to improve their marketing strategies and increase sales. Thus developing a commercial product data analysis project and providing statistical data analysis using MapReduce technique to study and improve their sales by referring the immense data stored is the target we aim to achieve.