The missing link between action and cognition

Deborah J. Serrien, Richard B. Ivry, Stephan P. Swinnen
2007 Progress in Neurobiology  
The study of the neural correlates of motor behaviour at the systems level has received increasing consideration in recent years. One emerging observation from this research is that neural regions typically associated with cognitive operations may also be recruited during the performance of motor tasks. This apparent convergence between action and cognition -domains that have most often been studied in isolation -becomes especially apparent when examining new complex motor skills such as those
more » ... nvolving sequencing or coordination, and when taking into account external (environment-related) factors such as feedback availability and internal (performer-related) factors such as pathology. Neurally, overlap between action and cognition is prominent in frontal lobe areas linked to response selection and monitoring. Complex motor tasks are particularly suited to reveal the crucial link between action and cognition and the generic brain areas at the interface between these domains. #
doi:10.1016/j.pneurobio.2007.02.003 pmid:17399884 fatcat:g3tqapxr2ndf3fowxetqs3rsfq