Purvil Bambharolia
Neural networks are one of the most powerful technologies that are used for a variety of classification and prediction problems. This paper summarizes convolutional neural network which is the new buzzword in the world of machine learning and deep learning. They are similar to simple neural networks. Convolutional neural networks involve a huge number of neurons. Each neuron has weights and biases associated with them which can be learned over time to fit the data properly. Convolutional neural
more » ... onvolutional neural networks, referred to as CNNs, are used in a variety of deep learning problems. They can be used for classification as well as prediction problems which involve images as input. Some of the examples of such problems are-facial key point detection, emotion detection, facial recognition, speech recognition, etc. In this paper, we will also focus on how much better are CNNs than simple neural networks by illustrating our claims on MNIST data set.