Computational reflection

Pattie Maes
1988 Knowledge engineering review (Print)  
In the sixties -Research eld: arti cial intelligence; -rst approaches to re ection: intelligent behavior. In the eighties -Research eld: programming languages; -Brian C. Smith, he introduces the re ection in Lisp (1982 and 1984), the re ective tower has been de ned; -several re ective lisp-oriented languages have been de ned (they exploit the quoting mechanism). In the meanwhile -Research eld: logic programming; -the meta-programming takes place in PROLOG. Walter Cazzola Computational Re ection
more » ... Slide 3 of 28 Computational Re ection Re ection and Object-Oriented Programming Languages. Bibliography Background. General De nitions. Re ective Systems: De nition, Characterization. Classi cation. Re ection. Historical Overview (Cont'd). Between the eighties and the nineties -Research eld: object-oriented programming languages; -Pattie Maes de nes the computational re ection in OOPL (1987); -several migrations from Lisp to OO: P. Cointe, ObjVLisp (1987), A. Yonezawa, ABCL-R (1988), J. des Rivières e G. Kiczales MOP for CLOS (1991); -SmallTalk is elected as the best re ective programming language. In the nineties -Research eld: typed and/or compiled object-oriented programming languages;
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