The ever-transcending quest in the poetry of Sri Chinmoy: the human quest for God-Realisation; God's quest for manifestation

Mrinali C Clarke
2014 International Journal of Dharma Studies  
This is a discussion paper that sets out to explore an approach to the writings of the spiritual master Sri Chinmoy, through the motif of the Quest. In particular, it explores his own journey to God-realisation, or Self-realisation, and his teaching of the interdependence of the relationship between aspiring humanity and the ever-transcending nature of the Supreme Being. Discussion: The Quest is defined in general terms as a journey towards humanity's inner divinity, and corresponds to the
more » ... esponds to the three traditional steps of Separation, Trial and Return, which are illustrated throughout the writings, particularly in the poetry. The human soul, separated from the divine Oneness of existence, descends into the physical world to enter God's Cosmic Game of hide and seek. Endless trials and cycles of life eventually awaken man to his higher purpose and fulfillment in seeking union with the Beloved. It is aspiration through the heart that Sri Chinmoy claims will cause the descent of divine Compassion and the bestowing of the Union, and he illustrates this through his own journey to the highest. He portrays the exalted states of blissful absorption in the divine Consciousness, and illustrates that his poetry and writings then become a pathway for all seekers to enter a higher state of consciousnesswhich he calls the 'manifestation', the divine purpose of God to fulfil himself and humanity at the same time. Summary: The cross-referencing of Sri Chinmoy's poetry and prose writings both supports and explains many of the mysteries of the ever-transcending Quest of the Supreme for divine manifestation in the sphere of the physical world and offers a bright new path of spirituality which itself transcends boundaries of East and West.
doi:10.1186/2196-8802-2-4 fatcat:yvp23wt52fbjffnueela6ibeqe