Application of small RNAs for plant protection

Polina Ya. Tretiakova, Aleksandr A. Soloviev
2021 Экологическая генетика  
Double-stranded small RNAs (dsRNA) perform various regulatory functions via RNA-interference. Additionally, they can be transported between various plant species and their pathogens and pests via extracellular vesicles, protecting RNA from nucleases. Plants secrete short dsRNA molecules to defend themselves against pathogens. The latter also use small RNAs when infecting crops. Some dsRNAs of pathogens are known as ribonucleic effectors. Host-induced gene silencing (HIGS) was shown to be
more » ... ve when breeding resistant varieties and analyzing plant-pathogen interactions. However, complexity of transgenesis and society fear of genetically modified products make HIGS application difficult. The appearance of a new strategy based on plant spraying with dsRNA gave a new perspective of plant protection. Currently such a strategy requires accurate studying as well as the development of efficient systems stably producing high-quality dsRNA.
doi:10.17816/ecogen35203 fatcat:lirpnajkvfh7jp6bamw243qdoy