In Search of Self-Sovereign Identity Leveraging Blockchain Technology

Md Sadek Ferdous, Farida Chowdhury, Madini O. Alassafi
2019 IEEE Access  
In recent times, with the advent of blockchain technology, there is an optimism surrounding the concept of self-sovereign identity which is regarded to have an influential effect on how we interact with each other over the Internet in future. There are a few works in the literature which examine different aspects of self-sovereign identity. Unfortunately, the existing works are not methodological and comprehensive at all. Moreover, there exist different notions of what the term self-sovereign
more » ... entity means. To exploit its full potential, it is essential to ensure a common understanding in a formal way. This paper aims to achieve this goal by providing the first-ever formal and rigorous treatment of the concept of self-sovereign identity using a mathematical model. This paper examines the properties that a self-sovereign identity should have and explores the impact of self-sovereign identity over the laws of identity. It also highlights the essential life-cycles of an identity management system and inter-relates how the notion of self-sovereign identity can be applied in these life-cycles. In addition, the paper illustrates several envisioned flows involving a self-sovereign identity leveraging blockchain technology covering different aspects of an identity management system. All in all, this paper presents the first formal and comprehensive step toward an academic investigation of self-sovereign identity. INDEX TERMS Identity, identity management system, self-sovereign identity, blockchain.
doi:10.1109/access.2019.2931173 fatcat:eudvey2hezfsrhetkzs7o4czma