Musical variations from a chaotic mapping

Diana S. Dabby
1996 Chaos  
A chaotic mapping provides a technique for generating musical variations of an original work. This technique, based on the sensitivity of chaotic trajectories to initial conditions, produces changes in the pitch sequence of a piece. A sequence of musical pitches ͕p i ͖, i.e., any piece ranging from Bach ͑or earlier͒ to contemporary music, is paired with the x-components ͕x i ͖ of a Lorenz chaotic trajectory. Each p i is marked on the x axis at the point designated by its x i . In this way, the
more » ... axis becomes a pitch axis configured according to the notes of the original composition. Then, a second chaotic trajectory, whose initial condition differs from the first, is launched. Its x-components trigger pitches on the pitch axis ͑via the mapping͒ that vary in sequence from the original work, thus creating a variation. There are virtually an unlimited number of variations possible, many appealing to expert and nonexpert alike.
doi:10.1063/1.166171 pmid:12780240 fatcat:r36qjlepgrglxf7xratgahpjy4