Aberrant plumage records in Southern Lapwing Vanellus chilensis (Aves: Charadriidae)

Luiz Liberato Costa Corrêa, Natascha Horn, Caroline dos Santos Brückmann, Vinicius Weber, Antônio Coimbra de Brum, Maria Vírginia Petry
2020 Neotropical Biology and Conservation  
Aberrant colored plumages in birds are not uncommon events in nature. These cases might be associated with genetic, environmental and nutritional factors, the presence of parasites, or even age. This study had the objective of reporting two new aberrant plumage cases in Vanellus chilensis individuals, an individual with progressive greying and a melanistic one, and review information available at the "Birds of Brazil Encyclopedia" (WikiAves). The study also presents a case review of published
more » ... view of published cases in indexed journals about V. chilensis aberrant coloring published in indexed journals. In total, 24 cases of V. chilensis individuals with aberrant plumage are known. For some cases following current specialized literature, we only suggest changes to progressive graying and brown. Finally, we encourage researchers to publish their records of birds with aberrant plumage in scientific journals.
doi:10.3897/neotropical.15.e55754 fatcat:ifq7oe3npfgg7h43um2xekprqy