The future in the telematics applications as support for increased safety

2012 Transport Problems  
Traffic is a key-factor in modern economics. Despite of this, there is a continual conflict between mobility satisfaction and increased delay. Nowadays, many specialists are trying to find out the reasons why some traffic events occur. ITS are systems which help to make efficient use of road and urban communication network, using information, communication and directing technologies. They make basic conditions for high quality communication and information society that we are approaching also
more » ... approaching also in our country.We have to remember that, according to current statistics 93% of traffic accidents are caused by human error. Assistance systems are the main challenge. They are based on communication (data exchange) not only among vehicles themselves but also vehicles and infrastructure. These so called Intelligent Assistance Systems promise great benefits in the sphere of efficiency of transport systems and road safety. These benefits include mainly increase in the capacity of the road network congestion and pollution reduction, shorter and more predictable driving time, improving traffic safety for all participants of road traffic, lower operational costs of vehicles, better organization and management of road network.In this paper, I first review all the available techniques for communication between various vehicles among themselves and with the infrastructure. The aim of this is to have a complete overview of all the possible communication techniques that the world of electronics and telecommunications has proposed in the last years that can be applied for accomplishing the task of enabling vehicles to communicate and interact with other vehicles as well as with the infrastructure.
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