On the Implementation of Simultaneous Multi-Frequency Excitations and Measurements for Electrical Impedance Tomography

Mathieu Darnajou, Antoine Dupré, Chunhui Dang, Guillaume Ricciardi, Salah Bourennane, Cédric Bellis
2019 Sensors  
The investigation of quickly-evolving flow patterns in high-pressure and high-temperature flow rigs requires the use of a high-speed and non-intrusive imaging technique. Electrical Impedance Tomography (EIT) allows reconstructing the admittivity distribution characterizing a flow from the knowledge of currents and voltages on its periphery. The need for images at high frame rates leads to the strategy of simultaneous multi-frequency voltage excitations and simultaneous current measurements,
more » ... h are discriminated using fast Fourier transforms. The present study introduces the theory for a 16-electrode simultaneous EIT system, which is then built based on a field programmable gate array data acquisition system. An analysis of the propagation of uncertainties through the measurement process is investigated, and experimental results with fifteen simultaneous signals are presented. It is shown that the signals are successfully retrieved experimentally at a rate of 1953 frames per second. The associated signal-to-noise ratio varies from 59.6–69.1 dB, depending on the generated frequency. These preliminary results confirm the relevance and the feasibility of simultaneous multi-frequency excitations and measurements in EIT as a means to significantly increase the imaging rate.
doi:10.3390/s19173679 fatcat:b3f4oywme5h3jpnc54n3tj3jn4