Effects of barley shochu lees on D-galactosamine-induced hepatic injury in rats

Satoshi MOCHIZUKI, Akiko MIYAMOTO, Saiko OGA, Chiharu KAI, Kouhei OSHIMA, Toshikazu TANAKA, Hideki HOKAZONO, Naoki TAKESHIMA, Toshiro OMORI
We investigated the effects of barley shochu lees (BSL) on the development of D-galactosamine (GaiN)-hepatitis in rats. The plasma ALT and AST were significantly lower in the BSL-containing diet group than in the control. Further examination of histopathological findings in liver biopsy specimens showed that, although a remarkable necrosis and degeneration of hepatocytes in the center of the lobules were observed in the control, little necrosis and degeneration of hepatocytes were observed in
more » ... e BSLcontaining diet group. In another experiment, the BSL was separated into supernatant and precipitate fractions by centrifugation, and the influence of these fractions on a liver injury caused by GaiN was investigated. The supernatant fraction significantly suppressed the plasma ALT and AST, whereas no significant effect was brought about by the precipitate fraction. These results suggest that substances to prevent liver injury caused by GaiN may be contained in the supernatant fraction of BSL.
doi:10.6013/jbrewsocjapan1988.100.135 fatcat:tk6b4c4yh5hgrcpckhc2vpgzpq