Effect of pectin coating on colour and quality of dehydrated pineapple during storage

C. S. Saini, H. K. Sharma
2016 Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research  
The effect of storage on the colour and quality parameters of uncoated and pectin coated dehydrated pineapple samples were studied during storage. The dehydrated pineapple samples were packed in aluminium foil pouches and stored at 30 ± 1°C and 75% RH. The colour change was determined using <italic>L*, a*, b*</italic>, hue, total colour difference and browning index values. The kinetics of changes in colour parameters was determined using zero-order and first-order reaction kinetics. Non-linear
more » ... inetics. Non-linear regression of experimental data was done to obtain the reaction rate constants. <italic>L*, b*</italic>, and hue values decreased, while <italic>a*</italic>, total colour difference and browning index increased during storage in both coated and uncoated samples. Both the models were found to describe the data of colour parameters adequately. The correlation coefficient value of most of the colour parameters was more than 0.95 indicating good agreement between experimental and model predicted values. The browning was more observed in uncoated samples than coated samples, which increased in the later stages of storage. Rehydration ratio decreased, while moisture content increased with storage. The sensory evaluation scores of coated samples remained acceptable for longer period than uncoated samples.
doi:10.18805/ajdfr.v35i2.10721 fatcat:q7la5ngbw5btbojkbloapwbmpq